6 Birthday Cakes That Can Make You Drool!

Birthdays and Birthday cakes are almost complementary to each other, and the cake cutting is the most important event of a birthday party. Any person of any age after the birthday song blows off the candles, makes a wish and cuts the cake for everyone present in the party to have it. All these arrangements make the day and the moment of celebration much special for the person who got the day and all the well-wishers. The main attraction of the birthday party and celebration is the birthday cake.

If you are living far away from a very special person in your life and want to surprise him/her on a birthday, then Express birthday cakes is at your service. Birthday cakes online delivery can be made to anyone across the world and do not miss out on the opportunity to feed your loved one the best cake in the world on his/her birthday. This article will throw light on the best birthday cakes ever.

  • Sponge Cake: This is a cake which is based on wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs and baking powder to make it spongy. This mainly originated in the UK and the American derivative being the chiffon cake. Sponge cakes are generally served with a lot of cream and can be garnished with strawberry and waffles. Hence those who love to have creamy taste love to have this cake.
  • Chocolate Cake: The chocolate cake is a rather generalized term with lots of variants falling under it. Generally, it is made up of chocolate, fudge, vanilla crème and other sweeteners. The most famous variants of a chocolate cake are the black forest cake, the traditional chocolate cake, the chocolate layered cake, fudge cake, red velvet cake and the German chocolate cake.Usually, this is consideredas one of the most preferred cakes across all the age groups and areas.
  • Cheesecake: This is the special type of cake which is mainly made for cheese connoisseurs. The cake is made up of crushed biscuits, with a thick layering of soft cheese, eggs, and sugar. This cake can either be baked or refrigerated according to one’s
  • Coconut Cake: One of the famous cakes which are eaten in theSouthern region of United States as a popular dessert, is made up of a cake covered with a white frosting and then covered with a lot of coconut flakes.
  • Apple Cake: Not primarily a birthday cake per se but can be used to gift someone. This cake is made up of Apple and caramel icing and has the slight flavor of blended apple and caramel which can make a day of your loved one.
  • Vanilla and Butter Scotch Cake: Vanilla Cake is made up of vanilla and butterscotch cake with butter and lots of nut to garnish it. These two are the two most common types of birthday cakes.

These are some of the most known and popular cakes across the globe. The designs can be customized as per one’s preference.