A perfect guide to host the birthday party away from home

The trend of celebrating birthday parties outside has increased tremendously now a day. It is no doubt a great idea to reduce your burden in today’s busy world by arranging a party outside. In these types to birthday parties you get an extra room to enjoy and be relaxed as all the arrangements are done by a third party. Not just that, you have the added bonus of not cleaning up after when the party is over!  But arranging a birthday party outside is not as simple as we might think it to be. There are many things you have to keep in mind when arranging a party outside

Our guide will help you out in arranging a birthday party away from home

Selecting the location or venue:

Although you have a lot of choices for arranging a birthday party other than home, but your choices will get limited by your budget, theme of party and personal preferences. So whenever you want to celebrate the party outside, then book the venue at least a month before. There are cases when you have to select venue two to three months before.


Everyone wants big luxury birthday celebrations, but your pocket might not permit you to do so. So if you want a fun filled party that’s not much hectic and lighter on the budget then limit the number of guests. If you are having a birthday party of your child, then it’s wiser to invite their class fellows and friends rather than your colleagues and neighbors etc.

Arrange games:

A birthday party seems boring if it only has cake cutting ceremony and dinner. It isa great idea to make guest amused with games and fun filled activities.

Decide the cake:

The theme of the cake should be aligned with the party venue and theme. Make cake delivery online to the venue to avoid any hustle. Moreover, you will get a damage free fresh cake according to your desired time and date.


A simple menu is always loved. It’s better to arrange tea items for a birthday party, but you can change the menu as per your wishes and budget. If you are inviting a limited guest then you can increase the items in the menu, but if you want to gather a lot of people then you have to be limited to the menu. A child loved menu is always a big hit. It would be liked by both kids and adults.

Safe and secure arrangements:

It is necessary to make secure and safe arrangement. It’s not always necessary that the venue you have decided is baby proofed venue. Look out for key issues. Are there any loose wires, windows without grills, sharp objects, open drains or unsecured entrances
Try to have enough adults to adequately supervise the little guests. And people other than the guest should not be allowed to enter the party area.