Baking Cakes

Cakes mark a special occasion, a celebration of various lengths, sizes and shapes are baked for various occasions and symbolize purity, sweetness and good fortunes in many countries. Every country has the tradition of cutting the birthday cakes, a well known tradition, which has taken form and transformed into a paste, applied to the face of the person whose birthday it is.

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Cake cutting traditions in modern times are celebrated the minute the clock turns 12:00. This marks the beginning of birthday tradition at midnight, cakes and confetti are brought and the birthday boy or girl is made to wake up in the middle of the night for celebrations. This is the new trend of celebrating birthdays, a modern birthday actually.

Cakes, gifts and other well wishes are the ways to make your dear ones feel special and cared on the most important day of the year. There are many cake bakers, who do cake delivery in UK, US, India and worldwide when the clock hits 12, they are quite famous for the delivery of cakes and this is renowned.

How is cake delivered?

The cake is baked after the order is received. The cake is started from scratch as per user requirement and the best chefs in the world and best bakers put in their extra effort for delivering an outstanding product for sending out. This mouth flooding recipe is then decorated and parcelled to the mail delivery system. The icing on the cake is designed as per customer’s choice, and hence is available in various mesmerizing designs that are a piece of art themselves.


After the packaging is done, the cake is sent out for delivering to the mailing system with the exact address and the time which the delivery needs to be done. The cost of delivering the material is all covered in the price and this can be used to surprise the loved one for their birthdays without much hassle.

Types of cakes and occasions:

Cakes are just not bread or a baked desert. It’s much more and it signifies the

A wedding cake: A wedding cake marks the most important occasion of one’s life. A wedding cake is a multi tower cake splashed with delicious flavours. It looks lusty.


A birthday cake: A mania cake, a time to be amazingly happy and wasted. It’s the day you were born; it’s an occasion worth enjoying. A birthday cake is mostly sponge cake.

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Reception cake: A reception cake marks the beginning of any auspicious thing in your life and is designed beautifully to awe the public. The cake is layered and huge; it marks creation of the bakers in every inch of it and is delicious, as well.

Valentine’s cake: A spread of lovely creamy cake to mark the love for your loved one on the most awaited day for the loved ones.


Artistic and designer cakes: These cakes are baked for the sole purpose of being awesome. The awesome designs and the art in them make you feel as to not touch them, leave aside eating them. They are piece of art in flavour. Just amazing!

Cakes are the specialty and always add more flavours to life’s special events and occasions. A cake can create sensational flavoured sweetness in one’s life and there can be no better surprise than a lusty looking creamy cake.

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