Best Cakes for Safe delivery

Cakes are a candied delight and they are extensively used as a central dessert in many of our occasions and celebrations. Cakes come in different varieties, sizes, forms, flavors and thus are a versatile dessert that can be kept on the menu for any specific type of meal. Whether it is a special occasion like a birthday party, a festival like Christmas, a moment of joy like New Born arrival or it’s just a simple tea party; cakes can be enjoyed at all such fun loving situations according to their various forms and requirements of the event.

Considering the popularity of cakes, many bakers now offer to send gift cakes by post since people usually choose cakes as a gift item to greet their loved ones on special occasions. This is a new trend where contemporary gifts like flowers, chocolates, food hampers and other personalized gift items used to be the common gift items. Now cakes are also added in this category and are widely accepted as a glorious and scrumptious gift item. However, when gifting cakes by post to your loved one who is away, one feels a bit nervous regarding the quality standards and taste of the cake on delivery. Well the professional baking companies and retailers have already set standards to check and maintain the quality and flavor of cake while being delivered to the recipients. Yet, we would give you some safe ideas about certain types of cakes that can be delivered safely to your loved ones as they possess less risk of deterioration.

Cup Cakes

Cup cakes are small, simple, and still luscious in flavors and variety. Although they are small in size as compared to usual cakes, but they are no less than any other sumptuous cakes.

You can decide what types of cup cakes are suitable for your occasion by choosing on the basis of their flavors, styles, designs, and variety. Just make sure that they are not too creamy or extra spongy and have less complicated topping designs on them, because it will have more chance to get damaged on the way. Cupcakes with less topping materials or less creamy stuff on the top have better chance to survive for long time.

Simple Sponge Cakes

Cakes that have sponge layers in between them are also a good choice to send as gift cakes by post. They are usually dry on top and also have safe surroundings without any specific decorations on them. They also come in various kinds of flavors like Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla Sponge, Apple Crumble, Toffee Pudding Sponge etc.

Dundee Cakes

These are simple dry cakes but have crunchy flavor as it contains dry fruits chunks and almonds in its toppings. You do not need to go lavish in choosing a cake if you feel confused, just purchase a simple Dundee Cake for any celebration and it will also make similar impact due to its design, quality and taste. They are dry and thus easy to transport specially on long distances.

Customized Cakes

Many bakers offer other types of cakes that the user demands. You can tell the ingredients that you want to be included in your cake or just make some changes in the design and topping of the chosen cake. The sender knows well which type of cake would be suitable for the recipient and would be safely delivered. For example certain people have allergy to gluten so you can send gluten free gift cakes by post to your loved one and make their celebration worthwhile. Do you have any other suggestions regarding safe delivery of cakes? Do share with us.

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