Celebrate your life!

Life is full of ups and downs. In life we come across many times in which we feel like we are at the top of the world. We are even more than happy. Our feeling of delight is inexpressible and we want to save each and every moment of that happiness. And we do so in our memories. That happiest moment becomes the part of our memory. While at some other time we are just shattered, devastated and depressed, we want to be alone and stay at the corner of the room, at a distance from the whole world. These sad moments also become the part of our memory.

Well, I think life is incomplete without either of them, we need happy moments in life to be happy and we need sad moments so that we are able to understand the happiness associated with the happy moments. A beautiful saying; “Life as we know it” perfectly describes this situation.

I am sure you all watched the above mentioned movie. There is a deep truth of life hidden in this statement. Yes, life is, as we know it. If we want to be a happy person we can be a happy one and if we don’t want to, we could be otherwise. In life the best way to be happy is to make others around you happy. Be the cause of someone else’s happiness. And my dear readers it is really very easy for anyone among us to make the people around us happy, we can bring a smile on their faces, we can let them feel being cared or loved. This is the true happiness we can ever feel in our lives. At the same time always remember that charity begins at home, if you think that by helping the poor and by some handsome donations to a charity trust you are already doing this, and then you are wrong. Your prime responsibility is to make it to your family, friends and then all other people around you like your colleagues etc.

Let’s talk about a simple method of making others happy. Just consider the example that your friend is angry with you and the problem between two of you is nothing but ego. Just put aside your ego for a while and think that you have to show your love to your friend. Order a cake and send it to his place. He will be surprised to have a lovely scrumptious cake and the bond of your friendship will be strengthened without any doubts. You can also send cakes by post to your parents or grandparents if you are living at a far place from them. This is just one method of making your friends and family happy where you can try thousands of little ideas. In life, always try to catch little things, little moments because in the end these would be the ones you will love the most. A big laugh on a silly joke, a huge cry on a little mistake and a warm hug to a friend after a long time. These would be things which would add flavors, adventures and twists in the book of your life!

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