Cheap cakes delivered with a sweet element of surprise

Not all attractive cakes need to be prohibitively expensive. There can be exciting flavors of cakes which are easily affordable on your pockets. A few of these yummy pick on display from the online gifting company

Chocolate cake    

The ingredients of the chocolate cake speak for their reputation. Made with the freshest ingredients that are locally sourced. The smooth flavor of Belgian chocolate is complimented by dark, bitter slight undertones of Dutch cocoa and expresso coffee to make it an exciting flavored one. This chocolate cake is made fresh every morning. This cheap cake delivered in style comes to your doorstep at just $40.

Cherry cake

This awesome cake is made fresh in the local bakery in the country side. Hand-made delicacy contains luxurious ingredients like glace cherries, wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, ground almonds and corn oil to give the cake it truly deserves. Go in for the tempting cake as it makes the center piece on your tea-table. A tasty as well as an affordable pick for you to savor and gift loved ones.

Clements cake

Tasting this delightful cake reminds the recipients of nostalgic moments. Rewinds life to beautiful memories of the past. Still the cake is as fresh as new. The juice of fresh oranges and lemons is added to make this cake a zesty as well as a tangy flavored one. Clements cake is baked fresh every morning and you can order from our next day delivery to gift dear ones.

Ginger cake

Do you have your favorite Noddy books in front of you? Have you at least read them a couple of times? Read these interesting pictorial books again with a new zest having ginger cakes by your bed-sidetable. The wonderful crunchy golden toppings is itself enough to make your day. These lovely cakes are made from finest set of ingredients like crystallized ginger, wheat flour, free range eggs, butter, sugar and ground almonds. What more do youwant in life?

Dinosaur celebration cake with teddy and chocolate

A celebration hamper for all of you to rejoice. This fantastic hamper contains a celebration cake with the picture of a dinosaur on top. Plus a 10 inch teddy bear and an assorted pack of truffle chocolates adds up to the recipient’s joy. Make someone’s day special with this attractive as well as a thoughtful gift hamper.

Chocolate fudge cheese cake

Chocolate cookie o add to the fun element in life. Rich semi-sweet chocolate added as mouth- watering flavors to this delicious cheese cake. It serves up to 16 servings. Go in for this tempting pastry.

Strawberry cheese cake with fruits

Send this yummy strawberry cake which has assorted fruits all over the top. Your recipients will smile all the way to glory. Presented in a cake box wrapped in golden organza and cellophane with colored ribbon on top. The personalized cards come with this great hamper. You can pen down your deep feelings to your loved one before you courier the hamper a

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