Checklist for a home based child’s birthday party

The birthday is the most special day in one’s life. Irrespective of the age, everyone wants to celebrate their birthday with loved ones. But when it comes to celebrating birthday parties, kids are the most enthusiastic about their birthday celebration. But conducting a birthday party at home is a very troublesome task if you don’t do it with proper planning and arrangements. It’s not about conducting a birthday party, but about making celebrations that are loved and will be remembered by all the guests.

I am good at arranging birthday parties. Last year when I celebrated the birthday party for my elder son, all the guests were surprised to see my arrangements. And the edge point is that I made all the arrangements without any help from others. It was me doing everything alone. And when the day comes everything was just perfect. Here I would like to share the secret of my birthday party arrangement. It is my birthday party checklist. I just follow that and everything became really simple. And the most amazing thing was that I was not tired and exhausted in the party. And everyone’s surprise to see that how I did that all?

 Have a look at my birthday party checklist and it wills surly help you out in arranging your birthday party.

One month before:

  • Ask your child how he wants to celebrate his birthday and decide the theme of the party.
  • Make the list of guests
  • Select a tentative date for the party and check with your guest with their availability. Adjust the date according to your feasibility and guest availability.

(Note: Never decide the date without checking the availability of guest or announce the date of a birthday that is too near. The guests also have to make their arrangement for the party. )

  • Decide what fun activities or games do you want to have in the party

Three weeks before:

  • Send a formal invitation to the guests
  • Make the menu for the party
  • List down the groceries and the decorations you will need.
  • Ask your family or friend to guide you what places are good for the shopping of decoration items.
  • Make the schedule of all the activities for the party. And also make an estimated time frame. Select the time for the party accordingly.

Two weeks before:

  • Decide the birthday cake. Before selecting a flavor do ask the bakers for the sample pastry.
  • Decide or purchase the dress of the birthday boy/girl and also dresses of the entire family member. Make sure to keep one other dress in hand for the contingency factor. Sometimes something accidently splits up on your dress or child make his dress dirty, so you will be having one other dress ready in your hand.
  • Make a cooking schedule. What you have to cook on the day. What preparations you need to do for them. It’s better to select items that you can make and freeze in advance.

One week before:

  • Buy all the grocery and decoration items.
  • Make a detail cleanup of the house.
  • Order the balloons
  • Start your cooking. Try to make all the things two day before and freeze them. So that on the day of the party you only have to fright, bake or assemble the cooking items.

Two days before:

  • Make all the decorations except putting the balloons
  • Press and hang all the dresses
  • Gift wrap your presents for the party boy
  • Make the goodie bags
  • Order the birthday cake. It’s a great idea to select a cake online and ask them one day before to make next day cake delivery UK. It will facilitate you by saving your time to pick up the cake on the party day.

One day before:

  • Organize the furniture
  • Do all the cooking stuff
  • Place all the needed plates, glasses, cutlery etc. on the table.
  • Do a touch-up cleaning sweep through the house.

On the party day

  • Decorate the balloons
  • Finish cooking at least three hours before the party
  • Make your child ready first and then dressed up
  • The cake will be delivered to your door as you have made next day cake delivery UK.
  • Give a final touch to the cake table and place all the menu items.

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