Checklist for arranging Office Christmas Party!

Planning an event for office can be a very exciting task. Starting from simple intricacies to basking in the glory of revelation, an event speaks of the fine aspects that were catered to while planning them. Every office has a different style of approach when it comes to parties, however, if one has an exemplary eye for taste the perfect party can be arranged as per theme. Here is a checklist of all the things to keep in mind while planning a party for Christmas for your colleagues

Start by selecting a venue– Yes the party is for the office colleagues but arranging the same in office premises seems a bit boring. Sit and discuss with your colleagues a happening place which is not too far away from the current office location and wherein all the arrangements can be done with ease.

Plan out logistics– A Christmas party will be really dull if people don’t show up on time. Plan out a logistics timetable with the seating arrangement to ensure that the comfort of all your colleagues is taken care of. This also keeps a check that no one is left out.

Budget counts– Fixing the budget is of utmost importance. Plan out a befitting budget that suits your colleagues. Pooling up of money or using a portion of the money from the office’s fund is some of the options that can be explored while doing this exercise.

Select the Christmas theme– Definitely, it is a Christmas party but select a theme which gels in well with the Christmas mode. It could be snowy wintery look or a party theme of celebration, choose one that sets in with the fervor of your colleagues.

Plan the decoration– Once the theme is fixed plan out the decorations accordingly. The stage, seating arrangement, style of food serving everything should be amalgamated with the theme to set the mood accordingly. A Christmas tree is inevitable piece of decorative item for a Christmas party.

Food and Beverages– Perhaps the most important and crucial factor of event planning is the food and beverages. Select a bevy of welcome drinks. Platter of food should also be selected keeping in mind to include Christmas special cuisines. Delicacies can also be chosen wisely which may include muffins, ice-creams or other savories.

Book a cake– Buy Christmas cake by post or place order for the same, long before the D-day. Try out different variations such as tier cake or printed versions, for an eye catching attraction. Ensure that the cake is big enough to fill the appetite of all the people present in the party

Select music– A party is invariably incomplete without music. Choose a DJ or select a band that can help to elevate the mood of the audience. Music should be in line with the Christmas theme.

Plan out some games or activities– Christmas parties can be made fun by planning dancing activities or arranging card games of some sort. Discuss with your colleagues and come up with some unique ideas.

With these ideas, one can surely make a party rock and roll all day.

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