Christmas cake Mixing Ceremony

Christmas is the world’s biggest event. Many people around the globe celebrate the event every year with great zeal. It is an event which is associated with many traditions; some of them are as old as the history of Christmas itself. One of them is celebrating the event with a delightful cake. Christmas cakes are no doubt one of the most compulsory things associated with Christmas. Beautiful cake placed on your dining table makes you realize the touch of glee associated with the great occasion. A CHRISTAMS CAKE is also the best choice as a gift at this mega event. People present them as gift items when visit each other’s place or entertain their guests with a tasty cake which could be purchased from a bakery or baked at home.

CHRISTMAS CAKE is an old English tradition with a history that dates back to 17th century. In very old times people used to have plum porridge and they ate it on the Christmas Eve. Later, some changes were made in the recipe resulting in the formation of plum cake. Time passes and it has become a tradition to celebrate Christmas with a beautiful and charming cake. Thousands of different recipes are followed these days to bake Christmas cakes.

Actually, the ceremony is linked to the celebrations of the harvest season. During the season lots of fruits and nuts including the figs, apricots and black currants are harvested and then the traditional plum porridge was prepared from them. Later the recipe eliminates the oatmeal and included in it wheat flour, eggs and butter which convert the porridge into the soft textured cake.

Since long, people also celebrate the overall making of the Christmas cakes and a special name called Christmas cake mixing ceremony is given to this event. During this people with their families, come together and mutually contribute in the cake making procedure. The chefs of different restaurants and hotels also celebrate it by devoting their full time and effort to the Christmas cake making.

Although, there could be various ways of celebrating the ceremony, yet most of the time the ceremony begins with the soaking of fruits. The tray used for socking of fruits is beautifully decorated with the decorative items related to the Christmas. People used to play music and dance together during this time. The fruits are soaked in brandy, rum or wine. Almost two weeks are given to them for complete socking. People taste them; remix them to obtain the desired flavors. When the soaking period is over then these fruits are send for the final mixing and cake baking procedure.

The Christmas cake mixing ceremony is a great way to celebrate happiness and spirit associated with the great event of Christmas. People come together and enjoy many evenings as the preparations start in the start of December. Everyone tries his maximum to take part in the party. People also wear gloves, aprons and chef hats during the cake mixing ceremony and this gave additional flavors to the event.

A special guest is also some time invited which starts the work. He is usually the oldest member of the family or the most experienced chef of the community.

Today, life is so complicated and one should not miss even a single chance of happiness. All the vents which give us a chance to spend some time with our families and friends should be celebrated. The Christmas cake mixing ceremony is one of them. So, get ready to celebrate this year some of the very exciting evenings of your life.

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