Christmas in a Hospital!

Christmas is a time to celebrate with your loved ones. It is the time in the year when to sit back and relax and spend a memorable time with your family and friends. However, not all years are same. There might be some years when there is an emergency or a close one is admitted at the hospital for some reason.

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There is nothing to despair; hospitals too can be turned into great places to celebrate Christmas. Celebrating the Christmas at a hospital will lift up your mood, as well as that of all those patients who are missing out the real action going on beyond the hospital walls. I had an experience of spending a Christmas in the hospital a decade ago when I was down with malaria. However, instead of having a miserable time, I would say I had a great time instead! Thanks to my friends who did lots of things from getting the best cake delivered in UK for me, to having a Christmas tree by my bed – All this to make my Christmas special at the hospital!

I was awe struck then and have since organized Christmas parties at the hospital for others. Here are some tips that would show you how to get this done.

  • Play Christmas Carols in a very low volume

Music is a therapy that has unbelievable powers of healing. Taking the doctor’s permission, you can ask the patients of their favourite Christmas Carols and go on to collect the CD’s of these songs and play them in a low volume. That will almost instantly lighten up the spirits of all those present there.

  • Decorate a Christmas Tree

You cannot deny that, a Christmas does not feel like a real Christmas without having a Christmas tree in place. You can ask the hospital authorities as to what kind of Christmas tree would be allowed in the room. If they don’t allow the live ones, you always have the option of getting the artificial ones.


  • A Turkey is a must

Nothing can beat a turkey meal on a Christmas day. However, being at a hospital may not be good news. You will have to get the permissions from the doctors and only if they permit you to get a turkey meal then make arrangements for that. In case, certain patients have special dietary restrictions, then inform their family members and allow them to adhere to those restrictions.

  • Distribute bright coloured Christmas Cards

Bring homemade cards for the Christmas and season greetings cards and decorate the walls with those. You can also get creative and make a collage out of the cards. Bright coloured greeting cards give a positive effect to an otherwise gloomy place like the hospital.

  • Family Picture Frames

People love to watch theirs and their family’s pictures. It lets them relive the memories they have had they are missing right now. So having picture frames on bed sides is a very good idea to light up spirits.

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All these tips have the makings of a memorable Christmas in a hospital. Go for it!


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