Cut Down on Calories with low Fat Cakes

Cakes are the main stars of any occasion. Parties seem to be so incomplete without them. But how can we forget the fat that gets added to our body with each bite of ours. Well now you don’t have to hold back. Forget all restrictions, lose control and munch away – because we present to you a whole plethora of tips and techniques to bake low-fat cakes!

In contrast to the normal cakes, low-fat cakes are much better and healthier; the best choice for health conscious people. And be rest assured low fat does not translate into low taste. All that happens is that we lessen the unhealthy fats, replace them with better substitutes, and enjoy lower guilt cakes.

Victoria Sponge Cake (1)

All cakes are different regarding the proportion and amount of calories and fats they include in them. Some cakes might be kind to your lips but mean to your hips whereas some may just become a barrier for the fats to add on to your waist. A rich and fat-full cake may have around 330-340 calories but a low and fat-less cake like sponge cake, angel food cake and butter pound cake, would have less than 150 calories.

There are numerous ways of baking low-fat & low-cal cakes without any professional training or expert advice, this is no rocket science. Just keep few very important tricks for making fat-free cakes at home and you’re sorted out.

Difficult to believe isn’t it?  But much easy to make.

  • Fat-less Sugar

Applesauce is the best alternative for sugar and an easier way to avoid fat. This not only replaces sugar but fats like oil and butter too can be kept miles away from your healthy recipe. It’s important for a cake to look delicious and mouth-watering too by its toppings and decorations beside its health factor. Yogurt can not only give a first-rate texture but can add immense flavor into it.

Yucky Yolk

Eggs have a main role to make a cake batter. By separating the egg yolks from the white and not using it can keep away 40-50 calories.

  • Swapping high-fat with low-fat

You can switch Carrot, banana or zucchini cakes with ripe mashed bananas which raises the    nutritious factors.  Prunes too are amazingly good for a low fat cake.

  • Fruitilicious

For toppings- cherries, strawberries, blueberries and any other berries would be just a perfect combination with low fat cakes and can become a replacement for sugar as well.

What if you are the one who burns food and not fats? Then you may not worry as the express cakes services deliver at your doorsteps. You may not freak yourself out in the kitchen for hours to keep a track on low fat ingredients you require for your cake recipe as this is a much easier, healthier and a better way to keep away from pounds and relish your treat.

But don’t be mean and lazy to share your tasty secret of fitness with your family and friends and let them too enjoy the tasty, healthy & low fat cakes.

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