Essential tips for arranging girl’s Pyjama party

Essential tips for arranging girl’s Pyjama party

It is always great to hand out with your girl pals. It is the much-needed break wherein you and your friends can do everything girly without being tagged as ‘too feminine.’ And what best than planning a Pyjama party with your girl pals. It’s your ‘me’ time which you can spend gossiping and chill out all night. And if it’s a weekend you can extend you fun to Sunday as well!

Well for any get-together be it grand or intimate, one needs to do some preparations to avoid last minute rush and have a great time without chaos or stress.

Here are few essential tips to plan a Pyjama party for your girlies:

  • Cake

Cakes have been an essential part of every celebration, and your Pyjama party definitely needs a delicious cake which you can relish with your girlies. If you wish to save time you can also order online and get the cakes delivered at your door step. You can choose from the wide variety of options.

  • The quintessential ‘Pyjama.’

Since this is a Pyjama party, your dress code essentially needs to be comfy pyjamas with cute nursery prints. Also since the party would be at night, Pyjamas are the only comfortable wear. Your girl pals can bring their Pyjamas, or you can arrange for a ‘Pyjama co-ordinated’ party.

  • Food

Any get-together is incomplete without food and since you all will probably be keeping awake all night, do arrange for a lot of munching and snacks like chips, nachos along with juices, cold drinks, and ice-creams. You can also get a pizza delivered at your door step.

  • Grooming session

Since this is an all girl’s night stay you can plan what girls love doing the most, grooming. Arrange for some natural face packs and other manicure and pedicure items along with some pretty nail paints. You can have fun while grooming each other and also sharing beauty tips with your girlies.

  • The Movie Marathon

Movies are the perfect way to spend the night with your friends. You can arrange for a DVD of your favorite movies and go for a movie marathon with back to back movies.

  • Playing fun games

You can also spend time playing some fun games like dumb charades, treasure hunt or any other game of your choice.

  • Karaoke session

The Karaoke session is a unique idea for a Pyjama party. Well, why not try doing something unique. Just have your mini karaoke at home taking turns with your favorite songs.

  • Scrapbook/ Albums

You can sit and go through old scrapbooks and albums together rejoicing old memories.

Well, after having your dose of fun, you can just sit across and spend quality time with each other reminiscing good old memories and fun times thereby making new memories to cherish forever.

For any celebration, online cake ordering has become one of the easiest options. The online cake shops offer a variety of flavors, and it can be delivered on the same day of booking to any location across the country.