Exclusive Variety to send a cake from UK

Every one of us loves receiving cakes as well as gifting them to our near and dear ones. But when is the right occasion to send one or to pick one? Don’t you think the obvious answer is birthdays? Yes, birthdays are simply nature’s way of asking us to eat more cakes. To send a cake from UK or to order exotic ones yourself, you need to make the right choices. Have a look at our delectable collection of exclusive birthday cakes before you zero in on the right one.

The write up concentrates on giving the readers ideas and tips on choosing the ideal birthday cake.

Coffee Sponge Cake

Coffee sponge is made out of cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts and aromatic grated coffee. The layer is created with vanilla butter in between two sponges. You can order a 2.5 kg of this awesomely tasty cake to celebrate the party. Thick vanilla butter icing adds great taste and you definitely cannot stop with one. You want to have one more piece of the cake. Two varieties are available, one is a 7 inch choco- coffee sponge cake and the other one is a 10 inch spongy. 7 inch cake serves 8 people and 10 inch serves 16 people. You can place the order online and the cakes would be delivered the next day.

Apple Crumble sponge cake


This cake is an amazing sponge made out of cinnamon and real apple pieces with a thick layer of vanilla cream. Order this mouth watering cake to host birthday parties or other celebration events. Warm the cake slightly for the happiest moment in your day and also before serving to guests.  A 7 inch apple crumble sponge cake costs you £16.99 and that of an10 inch £25.

Sticky Toffee Pudding cake

This 3 inch spongy is a sweet and exotic combination of Toffee sponge layered with toffee butter cream and is naturally sweetened by juicy dates to give the toffee cake a sticky pudding kinda of a fell. A warm pudding of this kind with tea can elevate your moods to the peak. All these cakes are made without any alcohol content in it.

Lion king cake

This is an awesome theme shaped celebration cake which you can send to your loved one. The cake takes the shape of the cartoon character “Lion King”.

Happy Birthday Pink cake

Simply send one to your loved ones and they would enjoy the pick for sure. Costs £24.50 for a ten inch piece.

Chocolate Orange Sponge Sponge cake

This awe inspiring cake is made out of a 4 inch swirl of thick chocolate and orange sponge held together with rich chocolate and orange butter icing. You feel as if you are in heaven after having tasted this delicacy.

You can now happily order your birthday celebration cakes.

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