Five popular types of icing used on cakes

Cake is a wonderful treat for everyone. On your kid’s birthday, good cake is something that puts a glazing smile on your kid’s face. Also with some great cakes, you can simply start your party off by serving them to make the guests happy.

So, what makes a cake so appetizing? First, the decoration, and then, its taste, when eaten. Cake decorations can be categorized into 5 types. Knowing these decorations will help you decorate your own cake or order fresh cakes online that are beautiful to look and tasty to eat.



Buttercream icing is made with the combination of softened butter, liquids, fine sugar, and colouring. When preparing buttercream icing for the cake, using fine sugar is essential as it allows the cake to melt swiftly when eaten. To stabilize the icing, a little amount of cornstarch is also added. If you are concerned about your diet, then buttercream cakes are something that you need to have a little or completely avoid.


Ganache is a French term that means heavy cream and chocolate melted together. To decorate a cake, this mixture is poured over while it’s warm to get a shiny chocolaty glaze. Kids love this one, it won’t be new to see their eyes pop out when this is one the table. Ganache is also used on other delicacies such as pudding or to dip strawberries.



The simplest form of icing is Glaze. It made of fine sugar that is melted in the boiling water while some fruit squeezes of passion fruit or lemon is added to it. This forms a thin mixture when poured on the cake and when cooled forms a hard crust. A cake decorated this way crackles when you bite it.


Royal Icing

The most common form of decoration involves royal icing. This type of decoration is made of sugar powder, liquids and egg whites. The royal icing is done by cake experts as it requires some icing skills to do it nicely. The mixture of royal icing resembles the pancake batter and it flows easily on the cake.


Fondant Icing

Fondant Icing is a personal favourite of many as it gives groovy cake designs. This type of icing is available on most of cakes types in various sizes and shapes. The possibilities with fondant icing are endless; cakes can be painted with food colouring or even cut into shapes using cookie cutters. However, Fondant icing is to be done by people who have a good grasp over temperature and well experienced in making cakes.

Cakes these days are made for various occasions such as Weddings, Christmas and New Year celebrations and others. Proper icing can make a cake look scrumptious and impress your beloved ones. The icing varieties discussed here has a great role in making a cake look special for different occasions. So, knowing about these icing varieties will give you an idea about choosing your favourite cake and order fresh cakes online for any occasion. Enjoy!

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