Cake! The mere mention of the word conjures up an image of a delicious, decadent, divine treat. Now you can add another adjective to the list – HEALTHY. Yes, cakes can be healthy too. And don’t worry, the taste quotient doesn’t get diluted one bit.

You can add several innovative baking techniques to give a healthy spin to your cakes. Looking to cut down on the fat and sugar quotient?

Applesauce-best substitute for sugar.

Try Applesauce – it works great as a sugar substitute when used in a 1:1 ratio and as a fat substitute when used in a 1:1/2 ratio. Two pointers to keep in mind – when using it as a sugar replacement do remember to reduce the liquid used in the recipe by 25% at least and please remember that you cannot replace both fat and sugar in a recipe with applesauce simultaneously.

White VS weight

Next, of course you could look at booting out that kitchen villain – white flour. Whole-wheat flour, oatmeal, nut flour or even a mix of different types of flours is the fiber hero here. Of course, you would need to adjust the baking soda and baking powder accordingly.

Fruits & vegetables are your best friends.

When it comes to toppings, you should replace those fatty chocolates and cream with healthy and nutritious fruits, which won’t only be astonishingly tasty but also help you cut down your fat.

Bananas are super-special. When caramelized they make great toppings. When mashed they are a superb replacement for fat. A 1:1 ratio works well for substitution. Nuts are great additions in banana-based baked goods – that all time classic, banana bread, scattered with walnuts, is a perfect example of the nut-fruit marriage.

Belgian Chocolate Birthday Cake

You could try adding grated vegetables to the cake batter too. Carrot cake, of course is an all-star favourite, but try experimenting with zucchini and pumpkin too. You will be in for a surprise. Make sure you add some cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter for a spicy kick. The flavours burst in your mouth. Sweet potato cakes with dark choco-chips are a price winning combination too. Best of all, vegetable cakes taste better after a day or two. The flavor intensifies.

Coconut too is a great ingredient. It can be switched with the regular sugar for the frosting purpose. Coconut milk can be used to add rich creaminess and intense flavor to your cakes.

And what if you are the type who can even burn water. Don’t worry, the online cake & gift delivery industry comes to your rescue. You don’t have to be a kitchen goddess, or for that matter a kitchen god to enjoy these healthy, tasty treats.

Bakers and even online gift delivery services recognize the premium placed on health today. Many of them make it a point to include these cakes in their array of offerings. You could order them for yourselves, or friends who are on a diet. Even at parties, healthy desserts are a huge hit. So go ahead, dig in, have that piece of cake and eat it too.

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