Having the need to order attractive cakes by post, UK?


Do you have multiple orders for cakes say varieties of fruit cakes, brownies, sponge butter cakes and rich chocolate cakes to host a grand party? You can chuck the whole idea of cream cakes as they stick to your tongue’s palate. You can thus, go in for crispy cakes. The other major advantage of going in for crispy ones is they have a longer shelf life of 15-20 days from the original date of packaging. Cakes by post, UK can be ordered online.

The online guide would tell you on a couple of exotic varieties of crispy cakes with which you can host a grand birthday party

  • Rich Plum Cake                

You have rich plum cakes where the cake manufacturer adds rum essence and vinegar. These two ingredients give the cakes an intoxicating taste and they last longer. Crispy cakes are way better than cream cakes. They don’t stick to your mouth and crispy cakes are filling ones too. You can add pan cakes, vegetable/chicken puffs, salad exotica and a large slice of rich plum cake.

Salad exotica is a rich creamy salad with vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, cottage cheese, green chilies for seasoning and capsicums.

If you have a pizza base at home you can apply Mozilla cheese all over the pizza base and add semi-cooked tomatoes and green capsicum to the pizza. Cook in micro wave oven for around 2-3 minutes and your home made pizza is ready. 

  • Layered Sponge cake

You can order 2-3 kgs of sponge cake or butter cakes either from the retail store or from our online chain of stores. You can make a layered desert of the same. Keep a piece of large sponge cake as the base. Add vanilla tarte or marmalade jam on top. Keep another sponge cake. It will stick to the base layer like slices of bread with jam. To the second layer you can add strawberry jam. Now over to the 3rd layer. You can fill the 3rd layer with fresh butter scotch cream and fresh slices of pine-apple. You can add apple jam to the 4th layer. Finally top up the last layer with rich chocolate cream. The layered desert is ready.  You can place the layered cakes on plastic moulds or on transparent cups and can have them refrigerated. Once guests start pouring in, you can take out these layered desserts from the freezer and garnish with nuts and cherries on top.

  • Chocolate Brownie Fudge

You can bake brownies at home. You need to prepare the batter with ingredients like yeast, baking powder, eggs, Maida flour, butter , sugar and cocoa cream. You can download simple recipes from the internet and bake them in your micro-wave oven. Once the party has begun, you can make hot chocolate sauce and pour it lavishly over the crispy brownies. Lip-smacking home-made chocolate brownie fudge is ready.



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