How to Throw an Inexpensive Birthday Party for Kids

Nowadays birthday parties are becoming as expensive as a wedding function. The pressure to spend and throw elaborate birthday parties is a growing trend- which puts much pressure on parents. But, basically, most children are happy with simple birthday celebrations.

Here are few ideas to host inexpensive birthday parties for kids without losing out on fun:

  • Timing: When it comes to throwing a kids party, the timing will decide how much you spend based on one factor- food. If you throw a lunch party around noon or night, guests will expect to be served a meal. The best idea is to throw a party soon after lunch like 2 to 3 pm, as you will need to serve only some fancy drinks and a birthday cake, which will rest easy on your budget.
  • How many Invitations: It is a good idea not to invite too many kids. The rule of thumb can be to invite as many kids as the age of the birthday boy or girl- for e.g. six friends of a six year old. Very often even if you invite only a few kids, the party might turn into a full blown affair of forty guests if siblings and parents decide to join. If kids are of suitable age, you can prevent this from happening by hosting a drop-off party- clearly indicating on invites that parents and siblings need not attend.
  • How to send invites: You can send invites by e-mail or download them from many websites. You can also do well to share the birthday party with another kid whose birthday is nearing that of your kid and thus save lots of money by holding a common birthday bash. Keep the party short like say two hours.
  • Avoid the goody bags: Party favours can burn a large hole in your pocket. They may seem cheap when you are buying small items for the goody bag or party favours, but when you add up the cost of items, it comes to a big amount. Instead of piling up favours in goody bags, stick to one favour for each child- a small stuffed toy or a bubble-maker- whatever fits the age of the kids or the party’s theme.
  • Venue: If you don’t want to host the party at home or you lack space, you can hold summer parties in a free outdoor play area or a local park with facility for picnics and fun party games. If you are worried about the weather, you can hire a local hall or soft play centre. Don’t hold the party in peak times: half terms, school holidays and weekends- when entry charges are on the higher side. Babies can usually get in free and you can arrange for the food yourself like cakes for delivery.

  • Venue at home: The current rage is to find the coolest spot in town for a birthday. But, if you want to cut corners, it is best you host the party at home. Instead of expensive entertainment like setting up trampolines, organize some fun party games or craft ideas that fit the theme of the party and are also age appropriate. For example, you can organize a treasure hunt in your back yard or set up a mini beauty salon inside your home.

These are some top ideas to throw an inexpensive birthday party for your kids.

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