Let your originality take the cake!

Delicious, scrumptious, yummy, melting beauty, divine, fruity – these are some of the common adjectives used to describe a well-baked cake. If you are gifting a cake, you most certainly want them to enjoy the delicious flavours and aromas that are packed in the cake. This festive season, why don’t we pack a visual delight, as well?! Whether it’s an online cake delivery you are wanting or one that will be the star of your party, here are some options for you to choose from to let your cake make your day and that of the person you are baking it for!

8_online cake delivery

  • For him – Surprise the men of your house or your pals with a taste of something less frivolous and more filling. Dainty tea cakes with frost icing are not a good idea if we are talking about men and boys. You could go for the simpler but wholesome cakes such as an apple pie, a cobbler or a rich chocolate cake. If it is a takeaway cake, then make sure the decorations are simple and there is a handy knife included! Cutting through layers or icing, edible rosebuds and other decoration may catch the whimsy of a lady, but to a man, they are just tiresome bothers!

15_god luck cake

  • For her – With women, you can let your imagination soar. Experiment with shapes and colours. Don’t be afraid to send a pure white cake in the shape of a swaying lady with blue-dyed modelling chocolate or pink rosebuds strewn with sugar pearls coated silver. Become the star of a party by getting a pineapple and vanilla cake with a coating of dripping chocolate and topped off with rich, red roses, again made out of modelling chocolate. Extra sweet cakes can include icing or a layer of caramel, and if weight loss is not on the agenda, be free with the cheese, cream and butter!

26_black forest

  • For children – Pretty cakes shaped like the popular cartoon characters would be the perfect way to grab a child’s fascination and everlasting devotion. Divine cakes shaped as a fairy, silver wings and wand included, will surely send a little girl of 5 about to celebrate her birthday into raptures whereas a boy may enjoy gazing upon a model of his play station baked in black chocolate and trimmed with cream to for the buttons! Get innovative with other shapes of cakes depending on what the kids have interest in. While it may not be easy to replicate all of the Harry Potter characters, you could choose vivid characters from the story such as the snitch or the diadem to keep things more interesting.

13_smile cake

  • For friends – Here is where imagination is the driver and flavour really takes the backseat. Can you imagine taking a staid, round sponge cake with trimmings of raspberry sauce and cream for that naughty friend of yours? Match our friends’ exuberance and select a differently shaped cake – a guitar for the musician, a bent iPhone for that Apple fan, a fancy car for the automobile-crazy or a pair of gloves for your cricketing partner. There is the best, interesting cake for one and all!

11_ice cream cake

The idea is to keep things more interesting by trying out custom-shaped cakes rather than going for the traditional round or rectangular cakes. Available with a number of ingredients such as chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, butter, cream, cheese, jams, fresh fruits such as cherries and strawberries and much, much more, you can make your thoughtful gesture a mouth-watering one too!

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