Make baking fun time by enjoying it with kids……

Baking is a time demanding task. It needs concentration. The results depend on how you measure things and follow steps. Mom can’t put this level of concentration as they also have to keep an eye on the kids. So it’s a good idea to involve kids in baking. It can help inspire a future generation of bakers and also make baking a family time.

When you are busy then there is no harm in order cakes online. But baking together with family is a great idea to enjoy a holiday time together

Baking is a superb way to let the kids learn that how to make things from a scratch. They will enjoy each step. And the end result will be a fruit of their efforts and a treat in itself. It will develop their interest in kitchen activities. They will also learn to help moms in the kitchen. What can begin as the holiday day activity could even become a lifelong passion!

Here are a few ideas for an exciting family baking session:

  • The first step should be to explain them about safety in the kitchen. Tell them that careless mistakes can result in big injuries. Warn them not come near to sharp knives and hot oven.
  • Select a recipe that is easy to follow and have few ingredients. It will help to build interest of kids in baking.
  • Let them do measuring of things under your supervision.
  • Do involve them from the start of baking to let them enjoy each step. It will also help them to learn how to follow a recipe in stages
  • Baking with kids can be messy. Be patient with that. Kids need to lean out of experiments. Give them the cleaning cloth and said you are making marks for everyone for cleaning.
  • Hide the other food which can be of distraction for the kids to let them absorb in the baking session.
  • Use colors in frostings. The kids like to see how the frosting changes color. Mixing two colors together to make a new one would be more fun.
  • Making cupcakes is a great idea. Use colorful cupcake papers.
  • Decoration is one of the great step which will keep the interest of the kids up till the end. Let them decorate their own cupcake with chocolate flakes, sprinkles, sweets, strawberry laces etc.
  • Use fresh fruits as cupcake toppings. Explain their health benefits to them during the decoration secession.
  • Put cupcakes in the refrigerator to let the frosting set for 10-15 minutes. Involve kids in cleaning the kitchen in the meantime.

Baking together will not only be fun for kids, but it’s a good learning process and a classic way to spend time together.

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