Making a special day even more special

It is said that chains or ropes don’t hold relationships together. They are actually held together by the threads made up of experiences that are sewn by the people together in the relationships over a number of years. Each happy year that add to their relationship will only lead to the creation of many such binding threads and make their bond even more stronger. So, if you want to wish someone a happy anniversary for a great relationship that has stayed steady over a number of months or years, choosing cakes for delivery along with something more personalised is a great idea. Here are some options you could select from:

  • Personalised plates – Just like you had plates engraved with special saying or picture of famous personalities that decorated the walls and mantels of people in the olden days, you can get great personalised plates for couples wishing them on their anniversary. This gift is slowly becoming a trend again as people like decorating their homes or office spaced with something that looks elegant yet touching at the same time. Inscribed plaques or plates make for great gifts.
  • Trivia prints – If you have known the couple for a really long time and know of funny facts or incidents that you would like to get inscribed for posterity, then you can get things like photo frames with such trivia printed or even hand painted in them. Put in a classy frame and wrapped well, these are great ways of reminiscing of the good times you all have had together and will serve a reminder to the happy couple of all the good times they have had together on a special day.
  • Family trees – Photo frames that resemble a tree with many branches made of wood or metal are great anniversary presents for a couple who have stayed together for a long time. This is because the larger trees can be filled with many, many photographs or picture postcards that mark the different parts of the couple’s journey together. So photos of when they were dating each other, when they got married, of their honeymoon, of their children, of their vacations and much more can be used to create a really special gift that the couple would love to gaze upon for many more years to come.
  • Bed accessories – Create a romantic atmosphere for the two of them – include a personalised set of pillowcases for the two of them, sleeping pyjamas or bed covers with their names printed or woven in them – in your gift hamper. So when they are unwrapping their presents, they will find these gifts and they can use them in their private spaces to spend warmer moments together.
  • Champagne flutes – Wines glasses are classy gifts for many occasions. But the special ones inscribed with dates and names of the people celebrating an anniversary together will make these even classier for the couple.

There are plenty of options for gifts that can be given to couple to commemorate their special day of love and remembrance together. The personalised gifts at such times are the preferred ones.