Organize a birthday party in style – and without stress!

“Kid is turning two this year and has come to understand what birthdays are. He has been going to other kids’ parties since about 6 months now and demands a nice themed party for himself. Need ideas, what to do?” If this is what your life’s ambition is these days, you have stumbled upon the right blog.

Themed parties for kids are easier to plan and manage than often understood. You need to just follow these simple keynotes:

  • Decide a theme – What is your kid into? Minions or Frozen? Does he like superheroes? Decide a theme depending upon the child’s preferences or availability of themes articles. It should be appropriate for the child’s age, the size of the party in terms of numbers of guests and the venue of the party.
  • Arrange the party merchandise – According to the theme, you will need many things for decorating, eating and drinking. If everything resonates with the theme of the party, it will look even better. Go for the many designer decorations available for various themes rather than traditional and no-brainer ribbons and balloons. Hats, trailers, stuffed animals, tablecloth, balloons are for the party venue and for eating, you will require paper plates, glasses, cupcake toppers and other vessels.
  • The cake – Order for birthday cakes online rather than running from pillar to post in search of the ideal cake and save time for other preparations. Many customizable options are available on many websites.
  • Return gifts and favours – For the party guests, you can get themed return gifts. If you have organized some games, winners can be handed some prizes. Themed gifts have revolutionized the party markets. Lots of variety in merchandise is also available online on a multitude of websites.
  • Birthday dress and accessories – It will be a visual treat if the birthday boy or girl wears the same costume as the theme! It is exciting for the child as well as parents and the pictures come very pretty. It will be a party to remember for the child. Check your local baby and child stores for ideas or get one custom made for the baby in desired fabrics and style. This will not only be more comfortable, but you can also add some personal touches according to the child’s physique and choice. If nothing is working out, rent a costume or check online for ready garments. If you are feeling like some DIY, fashion something out on your own. Be mindful of ordering well in advance.
  • The venue – How are you going to manage all the party guests? Where? At home or at a rental place? Maybe a child friendly restaurant? Decide in advance because last minute bookings are expensive. Also, last minute decision to organize it at home is a messy affair – you need to prep the house way before the party day itself. The venue must be decorated either professionally or you can do it yourself with your decoration items.

Have a fun filled and well organized theme party with all the ease, using these handy tips!

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