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Cakes are the most sensuous sugary dessert that we love to enjoy at our special celebrations or some casual times. We not only keep them as our exceptional dish in menu but we also share our happiness with loved ones by sending them cake by post. Cakes are regarded as a treat of happiness because of their savory ingredients that make them a wannabe on every moment of Joy.

When it comes to cakes variety, we often see some regular flavors like Vanilla Sponge cake, a Chocolate cake, or some fruity sensations like Apple Crumble Cake. Also all these cakes are baked with certain common ingredients like flour, eggs, milk, sugar, gluten, fruit syrups, and many more; however, many people avoid such ingredients and thus do not wish to have a cake bite. Some are allergic to certain elements in cake like gluten, dairy, or eggs while others do so, on the basis of their selective tastes. So does it mean that these people cannot have the pleasure of these mouthwatering cakes?

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Well of course not. As now you can find some exceptional varieties of cakes that are specifically made to cater this type of market segment. There you can find all such ingredients free cakes like Egg Free Cakes, Gluten Free Cakes, and Dairy Free Cakes. Now if these common ingredients are not used in these cakes then you must be wondering how they can taste so delicious. This is the art of bakers that they have created these types of cakes so beautifully that you can enjoy cakes of without being concerned about their after effects. Since the cake is free from all basic ingredients necessary to make a flavorsome cake therefore, its recipe is also very different and unusual.

Here is a simple chocolate cake recipe that is free from gluten, dairy and eggs. Talking about the ingredients of this cake, you can use gluten free self-raising white flour blend and gluten free baking powder. Apart from these, use of cocoa powder (if making chocolate gluten free cake), caster sugar, vegetable oil, soya milk and lemon juice are enough to make a tempting chocolate cake that is both delicious as well as gluten free. You can use cocoa powder and icing sugar in icing as well.

One thing you should be careful about is the use of icing sugar. Many sugar sprinkles contain gluten so if you are allergic you must check the label before buying. The cake is prepared by mixing all dry ingredients mentioned above like cocoa powder, flour, sugar and baking powder. Also mix lemon juice, vegetable oil with soya milk separately. Next the liquid mixture should be mixed immediately with the dry mixture or because bubbles will appear that will make the cake airy. Once the mixture is stirred properly, it can be set evenly in the cake pan and go for baking.

Icing is made separately by beating the ingredients and making a paste that can easily drop off a spoon to make the layer on the cake. Toppings can also use dairy free items like dairy free chocolate.

This simple recipe is quite amusing in a way that you can easily bake it. You can always be creative with this simple chocolate cake and add other flavored items like fruits, dry fruits and nuts. This cake can be served afresh from the oven to your guests or if you want to make a quick wish to your loved oneon special day like Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary; you can send cake by post and let them appreciate your baking skills.

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