Some Ideas to make this father’s day a special one!

A very special day in everyone’s life is father’s day. A day dedicated to our hero, our inspiration and our guide. Falling on the third Sunday of June every year, earmarks the day that is dedicated solely to celebrate the special bond between the father and his children. Though this trend started as a compliment to the mother’s day celebration, the concept brewed a lot of appreciation and slowly became a mandate in many countries. In fact, many prefer to stay with their birth fathers, the complete day and renew their bond of love. When it comes, to celebration, a handpicked menu is essential which takes care of all the nuances to ensure that the day becomes special in each and every aspect. Here is an itinerary to guide you work out a special day for your beloved dad.

Breakfast in bed– Start the day with a home cooked delicious breakfast for your father. Surprise his morning with a bedside breakfast consisting of all his favorite savories. Morning time once made special paves the path for the rest of the day. One can also include interlude or theme music to set the mood.

Gift him a spa coupon– This D-day gives your dad time for relaxation that he is worthy of. Undoubtedly, yearlong he is toiling hard to make ends meet, but today, let him pamper by treating him to a spa treatment. An hour long or more can be a good way to relax him to hilt and give him the much needed stress buster time.

Indulge in a sport activity with him– Yes, we know it may have been a long time before you spend quality time with your dad indulging in fishing or playing a game of basket. Refresh your memories together by spending time with each other. A game over a pack of cards, or watching football together can help to revive the bond.

Prepare lunch along with dad– Sharing activities together is a good way to spend time as well as gives space to share each other’s emotions. A barbeque lunch preparation can help you share the train of thoughts of your father while comforting him with your presence. More than the food, the talking will help to share and express feelings unspoken of.

Cut a cake– Surprise your father with online cake delivery, with a special theme cake dedicated to your father. No celebration can be complete without the cutting the cake ceremony. Place in candles and take lots of shots to capture the special moment.

Go for a photo shoot with your dad-Surely, there are photos of your childhood with your loving dad, but why not have some amazing pictures clicked with some stunning expression along with your dad. A good way to spend time could be, by setting aside a slot wherein one can take good photo shoot with father.

Homemade delicacy– You can end this beautiful day with a homemade delicacy (of course with low sugar content) for your dad and sharing the same with him.

There is nothing better than spending time with your father, so use these tips and gives your dad the special day that he truly deserves.

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