The best ways to bake a cake from all around the world

Cakes are the one dessert we cannot do without. The sheer variety in recipes across the world is enough evidence for the love it receives from people. Here, we have a small list of traditional cakes that have become perennial favourites. Dig in and enjoy!

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  • Angel Food Cake, USA: The Angel Food cake got its name due the surprisingly light consistency. This sponge cake traces its recipe back into early 19th century and is generally attributed to the Pennsylvania Dutch. Angel Food cake needs a special pan to prepare, and it can be easily recognized by the distinctive hole which it has in its centre.

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  • Gateau de Rois, France: The Gateau de Rois is also called the King’s cake and is traditionally prepared during January during festivities of Epiphany. There are a varied number of recipes, however, choux pastry or cream filled puff pastry are commonly used. A trinket or a toy is also hidden inside the cake and whoever finds is named as the King or Queen of the festivities. The trinket is also said to bring luck to the finder.

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  • Sachertorte, Australia : Franz Sacher invented the Sachertorte in Vienna for the Prince of Austria, Wenzel von Metternich in 1832. It is so popular in Austria that National Sachertorte Day is celebrated on December 5th of every year. The cake has a beautiful frosting made of dark chocolate with a large dollop of whipped cream put on the top. It has a simple recipe, yet, it packs a powerful punch.


  • Pavlova, New Zealand: The Pavlova is a cake that was first prepared in the honour of Anna Pavlova who was visiting the city of Wellington. It is a meringue based cake, which has soft and light centre covered by a crisp crust. Usually, fresh fruit and whipped cream are paired with it. Over 330 varieties of pavlova have been documented across New Zealand and Australia.


  • Pastel de le Treches, Mexico: The name can be literally translated to mean ‘Three Milk Cake’. It has a dense and moist consistency due to soaking up three kinds of milks, namely, evaporated milk, condensed milk and fresh milk. The taste of the cake is also very sweet with a rich flavour. The Three Milk Cake is popular all over Latin America and also the Caribbean islands.

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  • Babka, Poland: Babka is a traditional dessert that is baked for Easter Sunday in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland. It can be seen being made for other major holidays like Christmas and New Year, as well. There are no fillings for babka, however, one can use chocolate or vanilla icing to glaze it.

Cakes are now integral parts of our lives. They’ve become such a staple at important ceremonies which mark our lives that we can’t imagine birthdays, weddings and anniversaries without the presence of a cake. You can also send cakes to UK for your near and dear ones.

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