The story of chocolate family

The simple word of chocolate will bring water in your mouth and consciously or unconsciously one start to think about the chocolates of their choice and finally the mouth is full of water, yes it’s the love for chocolates which is so indulging and delicious.


“Chocolate” is the king of all sweets. There is no age limit for it, no time limit, no seasonal limit.You can enjoy it whenever you want. The markets shelves are full of a huge variety of chocolates. The other chocoholic love is chocolate cakes; they are chocolaty, creamy and gives a delicious heavenly chocolaty ride. Chocolate cakes also make a classic gift to send on any occasion. You can made chocolate cakes online delivery or make a cake by yourself to please your love ones. But before baking a chocolate cake you must be aware of the chocolate variety so that you use the right kind of chocolate for baking and making frosting. There are different kinds of chocolates depending upon the ratio of cocoa, milk, and sweet in it. Following are the main kinds of chocolates.

Unsweetened chocolate:

It is made with solid chocolate liquor. No other thing is added to it. Thats why is to bitter in taste and not used in normal eating but they give a great taste when used in the cooking of brownie and cakes. Unsweetened chocolate is the purest form of chocolate made from a blen of fine cocoa beans. It is satin smooth, rich in cocoa butter and best for baking.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

The making of semi-sweet chocolate is the same as that of unsweetened chocolate but the difference is that a bit of sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla is added in it which enhances its taste. Mainly it is used in cooking and baking. Semisweet chocolate does not contain milk solids. It’s best to use for garnishes.

Bittersweet Chocolate

The percentage of liquor is high in this kind of chocolate then in semi-sweet chocolate. It also has less sugar. It is darker in look and its more pronounced European chocolate flavor. Its also used in baking and made classic frostings for cakes when blend with butter, sugar and cream.

Sweetened Chocolate

This kind of chocolate is rich and creamy with a milder chocolate flavor and a huge amount of additional cocoa butter and sugar. Normally used in commercial candies or bars and popular in kids.

Milk Chocolate

The most popular kind of chocolate used for eating purpose. It has the highest content of milk. Different companies use milk in different forms like solid milk, powder or condense milk to form milk chocolate. It has cocoa in less percentage. In 2000 the agreement was made which says that the milk chocolate should contain 20% of cocoa only then it is considered to be the part of milk chocolate family. The main used of milk chocolates is in making candies and bars.

White Chocolate

It does not contain cocoa, thus technically speaking its infect not a chocolate but for many years its being considered as part of chocolate family. It is made by using coco butter, milk and sugar. Its creamy in texture. white in color and mild sweet in flavor. This is often used as a coating or decorative garnish.

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