The unwritten codes for good gifting practices

Some people enjoy receiving gifts big and small. Some people enjoy selecting and sending a gift more than receiving them. Either way, gifts are great sources of fun and entertainment and mediums of expressing someone’s feelings to the other person. Some gifts are as easy as selecting a cake delivery online whereas some of them requires a personal touch. There is a lot to be said about the gifts themselves, but there are a few rules, more like guidelines, when it comes to gifting too. Here are some of them for you:


  1. A gift is not compulsory. Not every occasion needs to be celebrated with lots of gifts, not all people need gifts as tokens of your love or appreciation. Even a warm gesture from you, such as arranging for movie tickets, sending a photograph, a telephone call in the middle of your busy schedule or a visit to your loved ones will be considered as available as the most expensive gift. It depends on how you express your feelings and on the nature of the person you are showing them to.
  2. If you have received a gift, then do make it a point to thank the person for the gift. You may not have asked for it, you may not use it, you may not even like it – but a person has spent some time, efforts and money in sending you something. Respect this gesture by thanking them over the phone, or sending them a thank you card or even sending them a text message or email with word of gratitude. If you are able to, send them a small return gift as well.
  3. You may like certain things or activities and you would like to use them as ideas for gifts. But when you are gifting someone something, you need to remember their choices and their physical attributes. Some people may not prefer what you like, some people may be allergic to certain foods or objects and some people may be too ill to enjoy some of the gifts. So think from their point of view and select a gift to make sure they are appreciated, can be used and don’t cause any harm to the recipient. Remember, it is the other person who is important here, not you!
  4. Don’t always gift something to someone only in return for a gift or favour that they did to you. Some people may consider this insulting or calculative – you only think of gifting them something when they give you something first. Other people may think that you are only doing this because you consider this whole process of exchanging gifts a competition – you want to be considered the more thoughtful and generous person among the two of you. Sometimes, it is okay to just accept a gift and thank the donor for it – you don’t HAVE to send a gift in return!

There are times when we forget an important date or we are not able to send a gift in time. Don’t let your busy schedule or passed times stop you from expressing your feelings – get a nice gift anyway. The person getting the gift will certainly appreciate your determination to send a gift, later but better than never!