Top 12 Types of Cakes

Who doesn’t love gobbling down some cakes? But do you know how many, different kinds of cakes are in existence? Well, do not worry; we will enlighten you with top 12 most amazing types of cakes cooked popularly.

  • Sponge Cake-

The oldest and simplest form of cake is a sponge cake. Made in several flavours, it is a soft dry cake.

  • Cheese Cake-

Cheesecake is full of creamy cheese. The crust is a crunchy treat while the rest is velvety and mouth-watering.

  • Red Velvet Cake-

This creamy red layered velvet cake is soon going to be one of the most popular cakes in the market.

  • Dark Chocolate Cake-

Rich with dark chocolate and less sweetened, this cake is good for all those who want to ditch the sugar.

  • Belgium Chocolate Cake-

Filled with the delight of Belgium chocolates, this is the most popular cake after the Dutch truffle.

  • Dutch Truffle-

Dutch Truffle cake is found in every bakery. The soothing chocolate is worth munching on.

  • Babka Cake-

This cake is famous in Poland. It is an Easter cake with a volcano of icing emerging from its centre.

  • Bundt Cake-

A cake that is shaped like several rings together. It is usually made out of chocolate.

  • Crystal Cake-

This is a popular dessert in China. They are cakes of small shapes and of white colour looking like crystals.

  • Tiramisu-

This popular coffee and chocolate dessert came from Italy. The layers of a Tiramisu are what make it delicious.

  • Tart-

Tart is a cake with crust supporting the icing and sauces inside it. Usually, tarts are round in shape.

  • Princess cake-

Layers of sponge cakes and icings, this cake, consists of berry jam, custard, marzipan.

So, now send cakes by post to your loved ones. Make the most unique and diverse treat for them!

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