Top Tips for Cake Frosting

Frosting or icing a cake makes it very attractive and appealing. Good cake frosting is a challenge for even the most experienced, professional cake makers. The art of making a smooth, flawless covering for the cake requires artistic flair, precision and patience.

There are several tricks to make the perfect icing. Your prowess at frosting improves with every new cake you make and decorate. Here are few tips for making the perfect icing or frosting for cakes:

  • Firstly, you must make the cake in the best possible manner, which makes it easier to frost and result in a good looking and delicious product.
  • Experts recommend that the cake be frozen prior to doing any kind of icing. Cool the cake totally before you apply frosting. A warm cake causes frosting to melt thus ruining the final look.
  • Make the cake level before beginning the icing to produce a smooth look. For this task, you can use a tool for cake levelling or a serrated knife.
  • Make a cardboard round in the size of your cake. Place cake on this round for making things stable before you begin icing.
  • Like painting a wall, icing works best if the cake’s surface is smooth and uniform.
  • Most common icing product is butter cream icing. Homemade butter cream works best. Canned frosting from stores is soft and not suitable for creating decorations.
  • Too much frosting will over shadow the cake and too little will disappoint. Three to four cups of frosting is enough for cakes of 8 to 10 inches size.
  • The ideal butter cream for icing is from medium to thin consistency.
  • While spreading on cake, frosting should be at room temperature. But whipped cream should be chilled.
  • If butter cream is extra stiff and not spreading well, add some milk or water to get spread consistency.
  • Gently brush away all crumbs of the cake, before applying butter cream icing all over the cake.
  • Add a crumb coat before applying the final icing layer. This crumb coat is a thin layering of icing, which takes care of any stray crumbs of the cake..
  • Allow the crumb coat icing to set before applying the final icing layer (15-20 minutes).
  • For the final layer, apply a generous amount of butter cream icing to the top of the cake. This can be done best by using an offset spatula.
  • Don touch the spatula to the cake as it will draw out crumbs and damage the final layer of icing.
  • Smooth finish frosting on all sides so that the cake is now totally covered with icing.
  • If the offset spatula is not working well for a smooth finish, warm it by keeping under hot water. Dry the spatula and use it for frosting.
  • For a smooth finish, allow iced cake to set for 15 minutes so that the butter cream forms a light crust. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of cake. To get rid of ridges and creases in the icing, use a tool for fondant smoothing or your hand.

These are a few tips for professional style frosting of cakes. After making and decorating a wonderful cake, make use of couriers for cake delivery UK to send your cake safe and sound to loved ones.

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