Cakes are a traditional feature of Christmas just like what pies serve to Thanksgiving. Christmas cakes contain many exotic flavours due to the special quality of the celebration. They tend to be decadent as most people abandon their diets during the Christmas season and also because decadent means it is simply delicious. From the traditional plum cakes to the non-traditional panettone cake, there are cakes to suit every taste bud.

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The following are some cakes loved by people all over the world:

  • Fruit cake: Originating from England, this is a heavy cake filled with dried and candied fruits. It may also contain spices and nuts. It may be served with icing or plain. The tradition is that the fruit cake is dipped in alcohol like rum for several weeks to add some chutzpah to this chewy and very sweet cake. To soak in liquor, cheese cloth dipped in rum or any such is wrapped around the cake and the cake is preserved in a container that is air-tight. More and more liquor is added till the correct consistency is achieved.

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  • Buche de Noel: Part of French Christmas tradition, this cake is also called as Yule log. Covered with chocolate, this rolled cake resembles a log or a Christmas Yule. This dessert is mostly made of chocolate sponge cake rolled into log shape after covering with a filling. It is covered with frosting of dark chocolate with streaks that resemble barks. It may be then topped with candy holly leaves and powdered sugar. Simple flavours, like chocolate and vanilla, to gourmet flavours, cherry mocha and peppermint cream are used to fill the cake.

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  • Stollen: It is a yeasty cake served in Germany typically after Christmas dinner. Just as in the case of fruit cake, this cake is also stuffed with dried fruits. As per tradition, the sweet cake is topped with a thin icing and decorated with candied cherries. It is less of a cake and more of sweet bread. It is oval in shape with ends pinched together to resemble a swaddled baby.


  • Panettone: it is also a yeasty sweet bread, but native to Italy. Served mostly at Christmas time, this dessert is rich in fruits and nuts particularly pine nuts and raisins. This is made as a tall cake and has a citrusy taste as it is made of citron, which has a rind of citrus flavour.


  • Black forest: Traditional cake from the Black forest region of South Germany, it is made of a few layers of chocolate cake separated by cherries and topped with whipped cream.

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  • Non-traditional: Apart from these, there are a great variety of cakes served for Christmas dinner. They range from red sponge cakes with green ice frosting to mocha chocolate cake dunked in peppermint filling. A spicy dessert is a gingerbread cake with white icing and an apple cider cake with cinnamon flavour frosting. The highlight of your Christmas dinner is a pecan frosting based caramel cake.

These are some of the favourite Christmas cakes the world over. One can do cake delivery in UK for any of these cakes to your loved ones who are far away from you.

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