Unique and Cute First Birthday cakes

Birthdays are something special that comes once a year, and indeed an enjoyable occasion for everyone around the birthday person. This occasion becomes all the more special, especially, if the birthday is of the new born. Every parent might be thinking of presenting some cute, unique ideas of getting the first birthday cake. This is the day that should be made memorable and cherished throughout the life. Also, the first birthday is considered to be a major milestone not only for the baby, but also for the parents, as well.

The birthday cake

The birthday cake is regarded to be the centrepiece of any celebration. By having some unique pictures of birthdays, it can be made memorable and something that can be shared with everyone. With some research and advices, it is feasible for the parents to select a good first birthday cake for their much beloved baby.

First Birthday Cakes exclusively for boys

There are plenty of fresh ideas that can be used on this wonderful occasion. Some ideas of cakes for boys include the following.

  • You R my Sun-Shine cake: According to Tara Kelly, its creator, this themed cake has been made for a unique first birthday party. The plaque that is placed at the bottom has been designed to complement the invitation. It is likely that everyone in the party is sure to love the very idea of a chevron and a pennant banner. The chevron pattern has been designed by utilizing the wonderful Molds onlaya, which is regarded and is an amazing product. It is sure that this first birthday cake is to be appreciated by one and all.


  • Cake farm Birthday cake: According to its creator, this cake is available in farm green tier and can be customized upon depending on the requirements of the customers. Also, the colours tend to combine so well that it would definitely enhance everyone around.


  • Cuteology Birthday Cake: This particular cake has been designed on an adorable decoration and stands out among the crowd.


  • Alien Birthday cake and Hot air balloon cake: Every boy loves to be adventurous and a better way to boost him is by presenting a cake that is sure to be loved by everyone. The images and colours are wonderful and also at the same time, pretty much boyish. The bottom tier is about 8” and being of 8” high, it is a challenge to cover.


  • Monkey birthday cake: This is butter cream along with fondant accents. It is designed to match the invitations.


There are also other type of cakes for boys like the Hoot cake, Frog prince cake, animal themed cake, football themed cake and much more.

First Birthday Cakes exclusively for girls

There are plenty of first birthday cakes ideas for girls. Some of them comprise of the following, Garden Bug cake, Pink colour Minnie Mouse cake, Ladybug cake, Kitty cake, sweet treats from Diane, Monkey Banana cake, Pastel Miffy Ballerina cake, Pink ruffle princess cake, etc.

A careful selection of the new baby cakes are sure to impress the baby, parents and all the guests, who have been invited to this ostentatious party.

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