Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Although it is the first day of the baby but what about the Mum who is so desperate to hold her little angel in her arms after going through so many painful and hectic months of pregnancy. Yeah, it is time that baby showers should not be just limited to baby gifts alone but in fact I believe mums deserve equal share of gifts for their countless efforts. Baby showers are usually kept right before the expected delivery date in order to give a proper welcome to the baby. Mums also need to be pampered on baby showers and hence they deserve a fabulous gift as well. There are many usual things that are already available for baby shower gifts but here we are giving you the ideas of the gifts that are unique and special in their own way for such an occasion.

Flowers for her

Flowers bring freshness, coziness and a natural feeling to the ambiance. A mum to be must feel comfortable and should be given exquisite level of calm environment in order to go through her last patch of pregnancy. This is because the final trimester is quite difficult for her to cope with hence something refreshing and adorable like flowers would make her feel good and bring smile to her face. A flowers bunch decorated in her room would revive her freshness whenever she would feel down or uncomfortable.

Get her Personalized Gift

This is a very crucial time for her. She needs lots of support, care and attention. Any kind of expression of love and care in any form would delight her for being a mum-to-be. Gifting her personalized gift would make her feel loved and she would enjoy this transitional phase. There are various kinds of personalized gifts like photo frame for mum, an engraved pendant with her initials, personalized mug congratulating her for mum-to-be and many such other contemporary items.

Baby Fruit Basket

A baby fruit basket is another special treat one can give on baby shower. The basket is assorted with vivacious variety of fruits that are freshly plucked and arranged in a gift hamper. The fruits are also accompanied by other tempting foodies like cookies, gourmet products, chocolate brownies, nuts bucket and a sweet and smiley Teddy Bear stuff toy. This can make a perfect gift for mum to be as she needs extra energy and tasteful eatables to keep her motivated for the labor time.

Beddings for Mum & Baby

Beddings make an essential and useful item on the list when you are planning to welcome the new born. Hence, getting her a bed set along with the baby bed set is a very decent and affordable gift. You can either give a whole bed set to the mum or just buy other bedding items like soft baby blanket, a small baby mattress or baby cushions. There are many stylish and trendy collections of baby beddings available that are personalized with new baby messages and make it a personalized gift for the baby shower.

Baby Gift Hampers

 Apart from typical new born baby items, you can go with specialized collection of Baby Hampers. These gift hampers are unique in their own way and possess high quality food products assorted in a stylish basket. You can even design your own hamper with three to four products like Teddy bear stuff Toy, a box of sumptuous chocolates and a bite sized cake would make a delicious and elegant Baby Gift Hamper. Other than that you can simply go with a Baby Fruit Basket that consists of rich nutrient fresh fruits that are desirable treat for both the baby and the Mum to be.



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