Varieties of birthday cakes

Baking a delicious birthday cake does come with the very excitement of celebrations and meeting family and friends, besides doing plenty of other things. As a matter of fact, birthday cakes have become more than an integral part of almost every celebration. It can be said that a celebration, be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or getting promotion, etc is incomplete without the cake. These days advanced technology has made it possible to send cakes by post to gift,without it getting stale or damaged.

Birthday cakes

Every person would love to celebrate his/her birthday by cutting a cake, be it a child or even an adult. If the birthday party is hosted, then a delicious and mouth watering cake is a must. It can either be ordered from a local shop, online store or can be baked at home. There are plenty of varieties to choose from and each one of them has its own qualities and taste. Selecting a cake depends entirely on various factors like age of the person, celebration, and the size required.

Tips and suggestions to select a cake

With some tips, it is possible to bake a cake that would be perfect for the occasion.

Designer cakes

It is considered to be the latest fad and comprises of unique cakes having designs that are sure to sweep the person off his feet. One can opt for the simple designs or choose something that is fancy. It all depends on the budget and the type of celebration that is on mind. Designer cakes are indeed a bit expensive, but are attractive and interesting too.

Tiered cakes

It is regarded to be another interesting option. They are excellent for huge birthday parties, and wedding celebrations. This is due to the extravagant sizes of the cakes. For simple parties, one can settle for two tiered cake. However, they have the option of taking it as higher as required.

Rich cream cakes

In case, the individual is regarded to be a chocolate fan, then one should definitely opt for rich cream cake. It would have less bread and more of the cream. Such cakes are very much delicious and do melt with a small bite. Hence, the guests can be assured that they would enjoy the flavour completely. The person is likely to be given compliments for the selection of cake made.

Cake brownie

It is considered to be a combo cake especially for those individuals, who would like to select something that is much different. These cakes are generally of the heavy type. They focus less on icing. This cake is ideal for those parties, where it would be served as the main dessert.

Ice-cream birthday cakes

This is an excellent addition to the existing fancy option list. These are cakes that are prepared by using ice cream flavours. They appear delicious and tempting, as well. However, if a big party is being hosted, then storing such cakes, until the beginning of the celebration can be somewhat a tough task. The reason behind is that ice cream is bound to melt much faster when compared to the other existing options available. Hence, it is suited for small parties.

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