Yummy Cakes For Christmas Available In Store Already

The moment you think of Christmas there are two important things that comes to your mind. One is the awesome range of gifts you are going to receive from Santa and other one is the yummy croissants and cakes you will be feasting. These yummy cakes for Christmas are placed on your dining table. A look at some of the delectable range of exotic cakes is as follows

  • Snowflake Christmas Fruit Cakes

This is a classic Christmas cake which is made out of dry fruits. The top layer of the cake which is as white as snow is because it has an exclusive layer of marzipan. It will look very pretty when you place the cake along with your decorated Christmas tree.

These cakes can be gifted as corporate gift cakes as well with the company’s logo engraved on the same. As the cakes are made out of best pick of dry fruits coupled with fondant icing and specially hand- made you can expect a shelf life of at least 6 months. You can add a box of home- made chocolates and gift one to near and dear ones. And you can order a cake yourself to rejoice the moment of festivity.

  • Christmas tree fruit cake

You can find a Christmas tree designed on top of the cakes. The cakes are similar to snowflake cakes made out of dry fruits and marzipan. If you want to organize a theme based party for your friends you can order 4-5 cartons of these cakes just before Christmas Eve. And you can serve these cakes along with red wine. It creates a magical effect.

  • Black forest cake

You can order a 2 kg black forest cake from our online store to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. You can engrave “Merry Christmas” may be in a calligraphic way on the front portion of the cakes. You can stick a big Mickey Mouse sticker at the back cover of the cakes and send it across to your loved ones.

You can think of innovative ideas of gifting by mixing and matching products. It doesn’t mean you only have to go with the piece of cake. After all it is not what you give but how you give that makes all the difference.

Belgian Chocolate cakes

These are cakes made of Belgian chocolate. Belgian chocolate is famous all over the world. You can order a giant sized cake of the variety and keep it in your micro wave for 2-3 minutes and pour hot chocolate sauce. You can experience ultimate ecstasy. You can include pan cakes and potato smilies in case you are calling kids to the party. You can try on some home-made cocktail drinks to serve chilled for your guests who will be turning for the party.

You can send beautiful hand-made cards both to wish your loved ones as well as an invite to guests.

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